Asbestos Management in Manchester


Manchester Asbestos is the specialist in asbestos management. 

Our team of asbestos consultants will use their expertise to help with the on-going monitoring and control of asbestos within buildings through regular asbestos re-inspections, and we will coordinate any remedial asbestos work required, including the removal and disposal of asbestos.The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012) set out the Duty to Manage Asbestos. This imposes a duty of care for asbestos management in Manchester and throughout the UK within non-domestic properties and the communal areas of domestic dwellings.

In order to deal appropriately with asbestos, your property may require an asbestos survey to be carried out, known as a Asbestos Management Survey which will highlight any asbestos and will indicate if any remedial works are required.

Asbestos Regulations For Refurbishments & Demolitions

The asbestos regulations also specify that if you are carrying out major refurbishment or demolition work, an asbestos survey should be undertaken prior to these works taking place. This is also supported by the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM2015). In this instance it would be necessary to carry out a Refurbishment or Demolition Survey.

At Manchester Asbestos, our asbestos surveyors are Check a Trade approved as a minimum standard and carry out all asbestos surveys in line with HSG264 guidelines and in accordance to our Accreditations.

What’s Included in an Asbestos Management Survey?

Our asbestos management reports in Manchester include risk assessments and recommendations, which are given to you in easy-to-follow digital or hard copy format. We can also advise on mitigating the cost of asbestos removal and management.

Once you have an asbestos survey you may require an asbestos management plan, asbestos awareness training or remedial works of some kind. Or alternatively, you may already have had a survey carried out and just need some further advice.


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